What We Do

ConnCAN, the Connecticut Coalition for Achievement Now, is leading a movement to improve education outcomes for Connecticut’s kids. We bring advocates, policy makers, parents and educators together to change the system and give all kids access to great public schools.

Connecticut has the worst-in-the-nation achievement gap, leaving low-income students far behind their wealthier peers. In fact, only one of three low-income African-American and Hispanic third graders read at grade level.

If we are serious about ensuring great teachers, principals, and public schools for every child, we must continue progress on education reform:

Every single child in Connecticut deserves access to a high quality public school, regardless of race, wealth or zip code. We work to ensure that the state and school districts have the necessary flexibility to take immediate action to turn around chronically failing schools, and increase access for children to high-performing public school options.

Teachers, principals, and leaders are critical to our children’s success in the classrooms, and a great educator can make a big difference in a child’s life. We aim to ensure that high-performing teachers, principals, and leaders get the support and recognition they deserve, low-performing educators get the help they need, and there is a mechanism for swift dismissal of those who consistently fail to improve.

We must establish an education funding formula that treats all public students fairly–whether they attend a charter school, magnet school, or traditional school–and better reflects each district’s financial needs. Funds should be distributed in such a way that: ensures communities with less local wealth receive more state aid; facilitates public school choice; and promotes innovation.

A stronger commitment to educating our children for tomorrow’s jobs will make Connecticut a place where people want to live and work, where companies want to invest and hire people, and where our strong communities help to create an even stronger economy. That’s why we need to improve student achievement in our schools across the board – a stronger education system means a stronger Connecticut.