A win in the fight for great schools

By April 7, 2015Blog


This March, the State Education Committee of the General Assembly proposed legislation that would have placed a moratorium on the growth of high quality charter schools for two years; a dangerous piece of legislation that would have rolled back the progress we’ve made towards providing a great school for every child in Connecticut. This bill, Senate Bill 1096 An Act Concerning Charter Schools, was a clear example of putting politics before the needs of families and children.

The bill was proposed at a time when parents are actively seeking high-quality education options for their children. With nearly 4,000 families stuck on waiting lists and over 40,000 students attending schools that are not meeting their needs, now was not the time to strip families of access to quality schools. In order to protect progress and ensure we continue providing parents and students with the options they are demanding, ConnCAN, our partners, and thousands of supporters and advocates banded together to ensure we kept alive the promise of a world class education for every child.

We held press conferences in Hartford, Bridgeport and New Haven, traveled to the state capitol to testify before the Education Committee, and collectively, we sent nearly 20,000 emails to our state’s leaders asking them to stand for kids.

You knocked on doors. You talked to your neighbors. You sent emails and made phone calls. You took action.

At ConnCAN, we recognize that ANY school providing a great education to students should be supported. I am proud to say that, powered by the work of thousands of advocates like you across our state the moratorium proposal was removed from Senate Bill 1096.

Together, we made sure our politicians knew that no child in Connecticut should be unfairly denied the opportunity to attend a great school, whether charter, magnet or traditional public school.

Now, our work continues–we must make sure that this session our state leaders approve a budget that supports high quality options. We will need your help. We need to ensure that our elected officials prioritize children by giving them the tools, resources, and support they need to be successful. We will not rest until every student in the state has access to a school that provides them the world class education they are asking for and deserve.