Standing up for Common Core and a better future for our children

By March 19, 2014Blog

ConnCAN was among the many proud Common Core supporters who gathered at the State Capitol last week, alongside students, superintendents, school board members, educators, parents, and business and community leaders. Supporters from across Connecticut rallied in support of Common Core, leading up to a March 12 Education Committee public hearing on legislation to potentially halt implementation of Common Core State Standards.

The Common Core State Standards provide our schools with clear, high and consistent expectations for what our children need to know to be able to succeed in college and compete for the jobs of tomorrow. These high standards will ensure our students’ success is also high.

Supporters advocated at both the rally and at the Education Committee hearing on Wednesday in opposition of the bill to derail Common Core. If passed, this legislation would be a huge step backwards for Connecticut students, and further allow our children to shuffle through an education system that does not effectively support their learning needs. Students who graduate from high schools across Connecticut are unprepared for college level work, putting them at an extreme disadvantage.

Too many of our state’s schools are failing our children. As ConnCAN CEO Jennifer Alexander testified, we need to raise the bar for everyone. That’s why the Connecticut State Board of Education adopted the Common Core Standards in 2010, and it’s why educators have been working diligently to bring these standards to life in classrooms across the state.

New Haven Superintendent Garth Harries said at Wednesday’s rally that this proposed moratorium would “decimate the efforts we’ve made in the past four years.” He’s right, it would completely destroy what so many of us have been working hard to achieve.

We cannot give up what’s been started because of misinformation or misconceptions. Real change takes work and it’s not easy. Together, we can make sure our state remains a place where families want to live, work and invest in their future – that starts with effectively educating our children.