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Lessons from the Field: Profiles of Quality Early Childhood Education Programs and Implications for Connecticut

The Connecticut Coalition for Achievement Now (ConnCAN) has led a movement to improve education outcomes for Connecticut's kids and close our state's achievement gap. In order to give every child access to an excellent education, we must couple the necessary improvements in our K-12 public schools with policies and investments that ensure that all of Connecticut's children have access to high quality early childhood education. In 2015, ConnCAN released Early Childhood Education in Connecticut, an analysis of the current state of young children in Connecticut and the early childhood education system that serves them. In 2017, ConnCAN expands on this work by releasing Lessons from the Field: Profiles of Quality Early Childhood Education Programs and Implications for Connecticut, a set of case studies of high-performing programs that are currently operating in other states.


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REPORT: Early Childhood Education in Connecticut: Analysis and Implications

As advocates, educators, elected officials, community members and parents, it is our job to give them the support and resources they need to make those big dreams become reality. When we talk about improving public education in the state of Connecticut, we talk about building an environment where our students can thrive, succeed and shape our future for the better. That mission starts with making certain our youngest students are getting the best pre-k experience possible.

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