Board Watch

A citizen-powered advocacy program engaging local residents to observe group conduct and evaluate critical policy and funding decisions made by local public school boards.

Our Volunteers

Volunteers are residents of the City of Norwalk who care about their city and have volunteered to get special training to observe their local school boards and help improve education in their city.

Board Watch observers are parents, retired professionals, educators, citizens and education advocates interested in education excellence and education equity for all students. Some observers might even be professionals interested in running for an elected office on a governance council.

Volunteers get special training from ConnCAN to learn how School Boards work and to recognize good governance practices. Each Board Watch observer attends up to two school board meetings within three months and completes an individual report, using a form and survey provided by the program, after each meeting. Responses are calculated for each meeting and translated into a grade for each of the five Board Watch indicators of good governance.Our goal is to have 2-5 Board Watch volunteers/observers at each Board meeting, compile data and report the results to the public.

The Board Watch Observer/volunteer commitment involves the following:

  1. Attend a training.
  2. Attend a school board meeting as a "practice observation" within three days of training.
  3. Officially observe at least 2 BOE meetings between NOV-MAY. One of the two BOE meetings must happen within 3 weeks of your “Practice Observation”.
  4. Arrive by 6:30PM for a BWO “check-in” before the BOE meeting. Arrive on time to BOE meetings by 6:50PM.
  5. Compile and submit results to ConnCAN’s Community Organizer, Toni Williams, within 24 hours.
  6. Stay engaged between BOE meetings with Toni and your core group of Board Watch Observers.

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