Board Watch

A citizen-powered advocacy program engaging local residents to observe group conduct and evaluate critical policy and funding decisions made by local public school boards.

Photo of The Board of Education, Board Member Sherelle Harris is missing

"Board Watch volunteers attend every school board meeting, grading members on good-governance practices and reminding them that the public has high expectations."

- Education Week, Pittsburgh Board Watch

Board Watch = Civility + Transparency + Accountability

We all have a stake in providing a high-quality education for all of Connecticut’s children. It is an investment in our community and our future

Connecticut’s more than 150 school boards play a critical role in our public education system. Local boards of education are responsible for decisions about school funding, budgets, teacher and administrator contracts, new facilities, and implementation of state and federal education policies.

That’s why ConnCAN is launching Board Watch, a grassroots effort involving community volunteers who are trained to observe and hold their local school boards accountable in cities and towns across Connecticut. Volunteers are informed local citizens who care about the city they live in and have committed to serve as independent observers and evaluators of their local school board’s governance and their work towards their established goals.

Board Watch’s goals are to empower citizens to be more engaged in their city’s governance, promote civility, and inform other community members about the important issues and votes before their local school board.


How Board Watch Advances Equity and Excellence

  • Promotes an open, transparent, accountable and effective School Board;
  • Encourages civil and professional School Board conduct;
  • Informs the public about School Board performance;
  • Educates residents about the importance of effective School Board governance and how to recognize it;
  • Identifies areas where action or improvement is needed;
  • Raises the public’s expectations for School Board governance; and
  • Ensures monitoring of issues involving student achievement and equity

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